Thursday, February 25, 2010

RRFDP 008: DEATH!..Doesn't Get EPIC than this

Death that is all DEAL WITH IT!!

Segment Breakdown

1) The Best 7 Episode anime ever
2) Death
3) Saber is a troll
4) Outro and Goodbyes GIIGAS DRILL BREAKER!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

RRFDP 007: Rumble w/ Tobasco

Sorry guys Baku here updating the blog now and then but here I am with the overdue new episode for the blog. Now RRFDP is back with Tobasco ( not that we're being endorsed by them).
Sorry Saber that you couldn't make it...
Thanks ALOT to Grim Reaper Hei in making this episode.

Segment Breakdown
1) Introduction
2) Say Hei!
3) Elven's tobasco dare
4) Do we have to talk about Westboro again?
5) Year/Eye of the Tiger ( Yes it's chinese new years)
6) AAA podcast commercial
7) Video Games Vs Anime
8) Stargate Sg1 w/ Mikhail
9) Back on topic..
10) Getting to know more of us and more so Grim Reaper
11) Our Goodbyes and Appreciations

Friday, February 12, 2010

RRFDP 006: Back...With CAMELS!

As the title says RRFDP is back with Camels, with more randomness and Hotbloodedness

Segment Breakdown
1) Introduction's and Elven's Dare
2) And Saber thought I was African American
3) This is where the Camels come in
4) Sheryl and the Bullet
5) Baku and his experience w/ Westboro
6) Pot and White Castle?
7) Jeopardy anyone?
9) Mikhail and his love for Mass Effect 2
10) Elven and his love for Half Life ( GODDAMMIT RELEASE EPISODE 3 ALREADY!!!)
11) Gamestop stories with Mikhail
12) Girls with guns in their shoes
14) Mikhail is tired/Outro