Friday, June 18, 2010

DDD Ep 1: Three Fourths Canadian!

To the RRFDP: Hey guys this is Bakuhasu and I'm here excited to announce the new podcast that I am doing along with Flags, Grim Reaper Hei, and TheSuspiciousRedLamp. This "new" podcast is anime heavy more so Nasu heavy to kick it off. Click our mevio player *above* or the audio file from our feed on the right hand side. Listen and enjoy!

Welcome! To our Inaugural Episode of the Triple "D" Podcast! This is a new show created by Bakuhasu with a bunch of others such as Flags from, Grim Reaper Hei from the RRFDP, TheSuspisciousRedLamp being hosts with the central focus of Anime. With that said The Decoration Disorder Disconnection Podcast continues on the RRFDP tradition of anime by talking about latest titles of this season, next season, and our TYPE-MOON discussion of the story that takes place in the same realm Tsukihime and Meltyblood!

Segment Breakdown

1) Introduction to the new DDD Podcast

2) What is everybody watching?

Intermission: Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast Commercial

3) TYPE-MOON Discussion Part 2: Tsukihime

Flag's Tunes: Sayonara Memories

4) TYPE-MOON Discussion Part 3: Melty Blood series

Intermission: Anivision Podcast Commercial

5) What are you guys looking forward to?/Outros

Some last things to say...: Hey guys this is Bakuhasu updating the blog for the new episode. I am just baffled and astounded that I had created a new show strictly with a focus of anime with a bunch of hosts both new and old of the RRFDP Podcast. If you're wondering where is the 1st of the TYPE-MOON roundup it's all the way at episode 17 of the RRFDP Podcast. So I hope both listeners old and new like the new shift and this new show.. Till the second episode, TRIP D's OUT!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Presenting the DDD Podcast!!!!

Hey guys Baku here announcing a new show along with Flags from Sekijitsu, Grim Reaper Hei a RRFDP favorite, and TheSuspiciousRedLamp bringing you a heavy emphasis of anime in the form of the Decoration Disorder Disconnection Podcast!!

Listen to the Promo Above and I hope you enjoy what you hear!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

RRFDP 020: Music Makes you Lose Control

RRFDP is back another week discussing about the build up towards the last 48 hours of Stargate Universe. Garrett from the Outcast entertainment joins us and shares his insight about film, and the film business. And to wrap it up, we finish it off with our discussion of music.

Segment Breakdown

1) Intro/ Say Hi Requiem!

2) Stargate Universe Discussion: To the last 48 Hours..

Intermission: The Anivision Podcast Commercial

3) Garrett (good friend of Grim's) from Outcast Entertainment speaks with us about film-making, film, and his company.

I was referencing to this video

Intermission: Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast Commercial

4) Music Discussion, Likes and dislikes

Intermission Baku's Tunes: AnyBand - Talk, Play, Love

5) Tired Outros/ ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWAH!

Special Shout-out: Check out Outcast Entertainment (link will be posted once their site is up) for all their updates and news for all of their films!


The Anime Addicts Anonymous Chiaki joins us along with our returning host Mikhail, the asian editor Bakuhasu, and Elvenbladerogue on type mode. With talks about the relationship of The Anime Addicts Anonymous and RRFDP, to the female's perspective on nerd, it's an awesome show so TUNE IN!

Note* sorry for the update on the blog guys, it's been a pretty hefty month recording so editing but here it is!

Segment Breakdown

1) The Mistress Herself Chiaki!!

Intermission: The Anime Addicts Anonymous Commercial

2) Nerdom/Chiaki's take on the face of the nerd phase.


Intermission: Baku's Tunes: Immi- Sign of Love
The Anivision Podcast Commercial

4) Outros/Goodbye MAMA!!

Shout-out: If your an anime noob check out Chiaki, along with Mitsugi, Hatake, Kimiko, and Roukou at the Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast where they discuss the many things surrounding anime. Join their forums to submit a requisition for an anime you want to get reviewed!