Thursday, June 10, 2010

RRFDP 020: Music Makes you Lose Control

RRFDP is back another week discussing about the build up towards the last 48 hours of Stargate Universe. Garrett from the Outcast entertainment joins us and shares his insight about film, and the film business. And to wrap it up, we finish it off with our discussion of music.

Segment Breakdown

1) Intro/ Say Hi Requiem!

2) Stargate Universe Discussion: To the last 48 Hours..

Intermission: The Anivision Podcast Commercial

3) Garrett (good friend of Grim's) from Outcast Entertainment speaks with us about film-making, film, and his company.

I was referencing to this video

Intermission: Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast Commercial

4) Music Discussion, Likes and dislikes

Intermission Baku's Tunes: AnyBand - Talk, Play, Love

5) Tired Outros/ ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWAH!

Special Shout-out: Check out Outcast Entertainment (link will be posted once their site is up) for all their updates and news for all of their films!

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