Thursday, June 10, 2010


The Anime Addicts Anonymous Chiaki joins us along with our returning host Mikhail, the asian editor Bakuhasu, and Elvenbladerogue on type mode. With talks about the relationship of The Anime Addicts Anonymous and RRFDP, to the female's perspective on nerd, it's an awesome show so TUNE IN!

Note* sorry for the update on the blog guys, it's been a pretty hefty month recording so editing but here it is!

Segment Breakdown

1) The Mistress Herself Chiaki!!

Intermission: The Anime Addicts Anonymous Commercial

2) Nerdom/Chiaki's take on the face of the nerd phase.


Intermission: Baku's Tunes: Immi- Sign of Love
The Anivision Podcast Commercial

4) Outros/Goodbye MAMA!!

Shout-out: If your an anime noob check out Chiaki, along with Mitsugi, Hatake, Kimiko, and Roukou at the Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast where they discuss the many things surrounding anime. Join their forums to submit a requisition for an anime you want to get reviewed!

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