Friday, May 28, 2010

RRFDP 018: Point A to Point Flags!

Parkour a sport that is used within video games, is now a sport that is discussed within our first segment. And the second segment w/Flags from Sekijitsu covering the first half of anime past present but more of 2010!

Segment Breakdown

1) Intros Outros into Intro yet again w/Senior Flags!

Intermission: AAA (Anime Addicts Anonymous) Podcast

2) From point "A" to point "B" Parkour w/ Grim

Intermission: Baku's Tunes: errrr listen to the podcast...

3) Anime: This year, past, present, whatever..

Intermission: Anivision Podcast commerical

4) Get Chance and LUCK!

Quick Reminder: Look forward Flag's post on Sekijitsu

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