Friday, May 7, 2010


RRFDP is back with Elvenbladerogue, Bakuhasu and our special guest Chanoun Ozakaki! With Grim Reaper Hei, and Mikhail out due to unfortunate circumstances, our hosts interviews Chanoun, retrospect on Valve and shares who they subscribe to on youtube!

Segment Breakdown:

1) Outros into Intros w/ Chanoun

Intermission: The Anivision Podcast

2) The Loooonng Valve Segment

what Elven's hint about HL episode 3 in Portal /2

Intermission: Baku's Tunes: 听妈妈的话- Jay Chou

Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA) Podcast

3) Why'd sub to him/her?

4) Usual Outros/ We miss you Mikhail and Grim...


2G radio we are getting close to Zahnshi and Stucool's episode count and deserve a worthy shoutout in our podcast.

Also thanks to our special guest for this episode Chanoun Ozakaki in making it the podcast!

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