Wednesday, April 28, 2010

RRFDP 015: Becky Dialing the 9th Chevron..

Yet again RRFDP is back with Mikhail and Grim Reaper Hei's undying love and discussion of the recent episodes of Stargate Universe. With talks of Mikhail's unacquainted love for Becky yet again, and Grim's Bookit corner all makes up episode 15! Enjoy!

Segment Breakdown:
1) Intros and nonsense..

2) Dialing towards the 9th Chevron

Intermission: SNSD (Girls Generation)- Run Devil Run

3) More Becky madness as continued off from episode 12..

4) Hei reads: The Night Angel Trilogy


Anivision Podcast

AAA Podcast

5) The usual weekly outros/Closing of episode 15.

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