Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New idea for the blog

Hey all this is ElvenBladeRogue. Baku and I where talking last night and we where thinking we should spice the blogger up more.

What things will we put on the Blogger?

We will be putting things we have made and/or done during the down time of each Ep. I know even i get bored looking at our Blog sometime seeing the same old looking thing. Always seeing the mevio player. There isn't much to really look at when it comes to our blog to put it simple. So I will be posting Random videos, Photoshop work, or anything really. of what We have made/done or just random thing i think our listeners and followers will enjoy.

So Hope you all Enjoy this newly add thing. If you want to Check out more randon things, Check out my own personal Blog. it's on the side bar. if your not able to see it or can't click it. Check it out here www.elvenbladerogue.blogger.com

Here is a Game play Video i made of Serious Same by Mistake! Hope you all enjoy!

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