Wednesday, April 7, 2010

RRFDP 013: Cows Kills the Show w/ Lamp

IF YOU'RE READING THIS PLEASE PACE YOURSELF WHEN LISTENING! RRFDP's longest and 1st official showkiller episode ever... Things take long with introductions w/ Anime Cow and TheSuspiciousRedLamp. Long PaX east segment w/ The Anime Cow's experience, Candaman comes in as a surpise host! As promised Randomness Ensues!

1) Intros and guest interviews w/The Anime Cow, and TheSuspicousRedLamp

Intermission: AAA (Anime Addicts Anonymous)Podcast

2) Wait..The Cow used to Podcast?

Intermission: Baku's Tunes? MOOOOOOOO: MC Frontalot - Diseases of Yore

3) Those 72 Hours of PaX EAST as defined with the Cow

Intermission: Baku's Tunes as requested By Grim Reaper (canadian) Hei: Exclusive- M-flo Loves Sowelu

Anivision Podcast

4) Our keep uppings within our week/Definition of a "Real Gamer"/Masterchief and F&*KING Firetrucks!

Baku typing here....Just really tired in editing this 3hr episode...could use ALOT of love here.... I'm sad T_T

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