Tuesday, March 30, 2010


RRFDP is back with a special guest, Jrow from the Anivision Podcast to go on the talks with our beloved hosts on Podcasting, the issue with Viacom and Youtube, Nerdom, and Mikhail's unrequited love for Becky..

Segment Breakdown
1) Introductions aside, Elven and his new MIC!
2) Jrow and the Anivision Podcast/ Podcasting talk

Intermission: Anime Addicts Anonymous

3) RRFDP tells you to "Suck on this" VIACOM!
4) Michael where have you gone?
5) Nerdom....! Get's interrupted with Becky

Intermission: Baku's Tunes: ELLEGARDEN- "My Favorite Song"

6) Our week in our lives with Jrow!
7) Our Shoutouts and Battlecrys/ Mikhail says I LOVE YOU BECKY!

Last Minute Shoutouts go in here!

Jrow thanks for joining this episode of the podcast, it was a blast working with ya!

Grim Reaper Hei sorry you can't make it I understand that the issues that you had sent to me over PSN and you are awesome!

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Anivision's Podcast Baku's going to join this podcast in a future episode...

Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast Elvenbladerogue is going to join in a future episode.

Elven's Vlog: www.youtube.com/elvenbladerogue

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