Thursday, March 11, 2010

RRFDP 010: Slenderman on Chatroulette...

Chatroulette the greatest site that has grace the world wide web. Making hundreds if not thousands connect with each other closely ever...... WTF Rekka? All right episode 10 is out w/ randomness Chatroulette, talks about Marble Hornets in this mini short episode!

Segment Breakdown:

1) Chatroulette: where every 3 seconds you're bound to see a penis...
2) Rekka and his Mindfu**ery of this whole episode.
3) The Elven Epic Dailies
4) Marble Hornets *creepy*
5) PS3 Error OMG!
7) Outros and Goodbyes the usual..

At the end of the day don't tell people online you're masterbating...Especially if you're 15 and Homeschooled... GOD IT CREEPS US OUT MORE THAN SLENDERMAN!


  1. Hey there guys. You have a pretty good podcast, but how bout you make it available to download?

  2. It is available for download via iTunes.
    Just search for RRFDP Podcast in the iTunes podcast library.

  3. Interesting, I didn't know it was because I didn't see a link for it on the site. I may just be stupid though

  4. Hey guys Baku here!!! I think all of you guys are from Gundamn! and I welcome ya!!! Downloads are via Itunes and sorry we're really laid back when it comes to this so thanks for downloading!!!!

  5. I am about to watch this episode, because I was told there is something in this episode that I should know about.

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