Wednesday, March 24, 2010

RRFDP 011: Vegans need to ReBoot!

Vegetarians take notice as the RRFDP is eating their greasy cheeseburgers, YOU ARE NOT GETTING THE RIGHT NUTRITION!!!!! RRFDP is back in this week with talks of Vegans, Boondocks Saints 2, our personal randomness ensues, the old 90's cg animation ReBoot,with massive spoilers on Naruto and Bleach all comes our in this very own episode 11!!

Segment Breakdown:
1) Intro and Caffeine crys
2) A message to all our listening Vegans
3) AAA Podcast is awesome
4) Mega 64!!!!
5) Saints should shoot us....
6) Intermision: Baku's Tunes: Epik High- Run
7) *SPOILERS* about Death Gods and Ninjas go in here...
8) We all need to ReBOOT!
9) End of Caffeine crys and outros

Hey Guys be sure to check out:

Elven's Vlog:

Anivision Podcast with our cool friends Jrow, Amuro, Steev, Xcom923 that cover a list of Anime and Video Games and all sorts of assortments under that category.

Check out Gundamn! @MAHQ mainly because of the fine folks that are willing to promote our little Podcast here and they are awesome!!!

Also as something that needs to be said Shoutout to the SusiciousRedLamp, Jrow, and The Anime Cow (say moo would you!) and thanks for supporting in our future episodes!!!!!

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