Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ep3 info

Alright everyone, Ep3 will be recorded November 30th 2009, at 11:00pm EST 8:00 PST.

A Few highlights and additions to the pod cast.

We talked about something over the pass week. We are going to be adding a few segments into the pod cast.

Buka's news: This segment is going to be about weird and random event that has happened in the world. Baku will talk each thing he finds every week.

Hateagones Corner: This segment is done by me Elvenbladerogue, I will talk about some of the most shittiest web sites, games, movies that i have seen and/or played. Every so often i will add in some good things.

Mikhail movies: Mikhail will do movie reviews for all kinds of movies good or bad. Even if he's forced down and taped to a chair he will watch any movie and take one for the team.

A Few high lights in the up and coming ep3.

The new Star trek movie.
Reviews on Outlaw star, and Cowboy Bebop.
and much more.

Ep2 is a bit behind right now so we will have that posted as soon as it's done.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

RRFDP 001: Untitled My Ass

Hey all the crew of Row Row Fight Da Powah Podcast has released an inaugural episode!!!! With the name of the podcast yet unveiled, our hot blooded hosts went on with the first episode with talks of recent and old video games, Twilight torture, discussion about anime that they're watching and a detailed spotlight for Macross Frontier! It's our inaugural episode so sit back and enjoy!!!!

Segment Breakdown

1) Introduction/ Baku is not here../ Random chat 00:00 - 1: 25

2) What the hell the hosts are playing? 1:26- 13:25

3) Mikhail and them shiny vampires 13:26- 18:20

4) Saber joins in with the Twilight Torture 18:21- 24:08

5) Comparing Age 24:32- 25:39

6) Saber's input on what he wants to play/ The Definition of Hateagon 25:40- 28:51

7) Anticipated unannounced games sequels/Spinoffs/ Remakes 28:55- 47:12

8) Stick it in em' Anime/ Video Game Chicks 47:13- 56:06

9) What you watching...Anime?/ MOAR Twilight Toture w/ Mikhail 56:07- 1:10:46

10) 1:10:47 - 1:17:38

Love for Macross....FRONTIER!/ Introductions to Mikhail's Men 1:17:39- 1:47:50

12) Closing Hot Blooded Cries/ Outro of Mikhail Dying 1:47:51-1:50:20

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Interviewing people.

Today in RRFDA we are starting an interview session with a few people, for future guests for the podcast.

I would like to let everyone know, when we do launch ep1, this is a very explicit podcast.

We have no problem letting underage people as a guest, you MUST agree and understand our terms, If anyone under the age of 18 is a guest, we are not responsible for whatever you may hear, be told, or said to on the pod cast. As a guest you understand that this is an explicit pod cast and is something that is not suited for minors.

When interviewing someone as a guest speaker, we need to know how mature you are when it comes to certain topics.

All guests who are chosen understands that they don't "hog the mike", and everyone will get there fair share of time when speaking.

To the guests just play it cool and we're going to have a blast doing this podcast. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Welcome to Row Row fight da powah

I would like to welcome everyone to the Row Row Fight Da Powah pod cast blog! We are a pod cast for the people by the people. We have a very colorful cast of host for the pod cast.

bakuhasu - 18 year old from the Happy city of San Fransisco.
Mikhail - 21 year old from New Jerseys
Canadaman - 25 year old from the great country of maple leafs Canada.
ElvenBladeRogue - 22 years from the mickey mouse capital of the USA, Florida

We are a pod cast that talks about anything and everything. We will talk about anything from, movies to game,to pretty much anything and everything under the sun and anything out side of this world.

Currently we have a Segment called Hategone's Corner, Where Myself Elvenbladerogue will find and review something random on the internet, from movies, games, shock videos, I will even talk request on subject you guys would want me to check out and talk on the podcast.

Also please check out Dire hard videos they are our sponsors of the pod cast.