Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Welcome to Row Row fight da powah

I would like to welcome everyone to the Row Row Fight Da Powah pod cast blog! We are a pod cast for the people by the people. We have a very colorful cast of host for the pod cast.

bakuhasu - 18 year old from the Happy city of San Fransisco.
Mikhail - 21 year old from New Jerseys
Canadaman - 25 year old from the great country of maple leafs Canada.
ElvenBladeRogue - 22 years from the mickey mouse capital of the USA, Florida

We are a pod cast that talks about anything and everything. We will talk about anything from, movies to game,to pretty much anything and everything under the sun and anything out side of this world.

Currently we have a Segment called Hategone's Corner, Where Myself Elvenbladerogue will find and review something random on the internet, from movies, games, shock videos, I will even talk request on subject you guys would want me to check out and talk on the podcast.

Also please check out Dire hard videos they are our sponsors of the pod cast. www.diehardgames.com

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