Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ep3 info

Alright everyone, Ep3 will be recorded November 30th 2009, at 11:00pm EST 8:00 PST.

A Few highlights and additions to the pod cast.

We talked about something over the pass week. We are going to be adding a few segments into the pod cast.

Buka's news: This segment is going to be about weird and random event that has happened in the world. Baku will talk each thing he finds every week.

Hateagones Corner: This segment is done by me Elvenbladerogue, I will talk about some of the most shittiest web sites, games, movies that i have seen and/or played. Every so often i will add in some good things.

Mikhail movies: Mikhail will do movie reviews for all kinds of movies good or bad. Even if he's forced down and taped to a chair he will watch any movie and take one for the team.

A Few high lights in the up and coming ep3.

The new Star trek movie.
Reviews on Outlaw star, and Cowboy Bebop.
and much more.

Ep2 is a bit behind right now so we will have that posted as soon as it's done.

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